The thrill is gone — this fall, cinema has finally lost sovereignty over who’s alpha leader of the audiovisual industries

Content Futura 2023 · Part 1 · A blog series · 16 weekly episodes — 1000 words/post (more or less) from 09/01/22–12/31/22

281 Mio. Google hits. — “One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, One ring to bring them all …” — again.** — Picture: Screenshot.
163 Mio Google hits is 118 Mio. Google hits less for the Venic Film Festival.** — Picture: Screenshot.
Amazon advertising success in German: “25 Mio. views globally within the first 24 hours.” — Note: Amazon rarely talks about its viewership numbers, so comparison is tricky. Also it always remains a bit of ? what exactly defines a viewer on a certain platfrom. — Picture: Screenshot
“Any promotion is good promotion” — Jeff, Elon and “TLOTR: TROP” — Picture: Screenshot
Rather desperate looking attempt by German Cinema to engage with new customers. — Picture: Screenshot of an ad
An iconic German war novel (about WWI) gets a new lease on life with a new film version. “All Quiet On The Western Front” plays in theates only to become eligible for the Academy Award® competition. After that, it is on its way “straight to Netflix”. — Picture: Screenshot



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