Encore to the max: Entertainment in the time of Corona

Sascha Seifert
10 min readApr 30, 2020
Emotions, emotions … emoticons

A song, a game, a film, a melody or a picture can have true healing power. That’s why there still is no business like show business. Not least because the services it provides help the human soul to ease into dealing with so many of the challenges life might provide us with. And where there is an audience, there is a business. So, while COVID-19 continues to tighten its grip on many parts of the entertainment business, most digital entertainment-universes currently do experience not just one but many shifts in power. With some new developments indicating potentials to become powerful game-changers. Below, I discuss some thrilling developments within the entertainment industry, based on a POV circa four to six weeks into lockdown of most of the western world.

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Is Fortnite the stadium of the future? 12 Mio Travis Scott fans say: “YEAAAHHHS!”

Screenshot form YouTube on April 26, 2020

Superstar rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer Travis Scott wasn’t the first artist to use Epic Games’ Fortnite as a platform to showcase a spectacle serving mostly the purpose to materialize ones very own idea of truly mindblowing showmanship. But Scott’s April 23rd, 2020, online performance of circa ten minutes set a new benchmark for this kind of events. A reportedly 12,3 Mio people watched and interacted with the artist during his virtual stadium gig (including 100% social distance rules obeyed). Have a look at a spectacle here. And: Remember the groundbreaking moment when 2Pac was put back on the Coachella stage post-mortem via a Hologram in 2012? Now, let’s combine…

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